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Wagon Trains

The epitome of the West is a covered wagon. A fun activity for all ages, make a point to enjoy Jackson Hole’s Wagon Trains where a covered wagon complete with horses take visitors into the past to relive the days of yesteryear–with the dramatic scenery of Jackson,  it’s possible to see through settlers’ eyes and imagine what it would have been like to arrive by wooden wheel into the Jackson Valley.

Want to feel the shake of the carriage and the bumpiness of an unpaved road, as you take in the views at a slower pace than even a bicycle? Book yourself a seat on one of the wagon trains around town and learn about the west, and all the gritty facts and stories of settlers making their way across the country in search of gold, pelts, and open land. Depending on how much time you have, some outfits plan around one meal, some folks take you into the high country for a lesson in surviving the wilderness–well with chefs, guides, and proper lodging!

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