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As the possibility of a government shutdown looms, We want to assure you that Jackson Hole is still wide open for fun! There are plenty of activities and things to do here that won't be affected.

Contact one of our visitor services agents for more information at (307) 733-3316


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Barker Ewing Rafting Courtesy of VisitJacksonHole

On The Water

If you’re coming to town, pack your bathing suit. 

With hot springs south of town, Jackson and Jenny Lakes, and  the Snake River, there’s always a chance of getting wet during the summer. 

Kayak enthusiasts will find challenging rapids on the Snake River, and surfers can ride a wave all day long  at Lunch Counter. 

More relaxed water goers can enjoy the upper sections of the Snake, paddleboard on Jenny Lake,  or take a cruise on Jackson Lake. Boating, kayaking, and paddling opportunities and suppliers are available through out town. Those with a little endurance can boat and portage from String Lake to Leigh to experience pristine glacial formations–though the water stays chilly all summer long.

And if you just need summer cool off, take a jump into Phelps Lake or grab an innertube to float Fish Creek. 

Jackson may be inland but aquatic adventures are bottomless!