Red Rock Ranch Photo: Red Rock Ranch

Dude Ranches

Guest Ranches and Dude Ranches in Jackson Hole, Wyoming are a great way to experience a western horseback riding vacation.

Riding horseback at dude ranches or guest ranches is the thrill of a lifetime. It's like traveling back in time to a world that was quieter, more peaceful, though also at times more exciting.

Find a dude ranch or guest ranch vacation at an authentic ranch, many of which offer a variety of other outdoor activities.

There is more to dude ranches than horseback riding.

In the late 1800s cowboys out West called visitors from the East "dudes." Hence, the name "dude ranches," which has stuck. Activities offered at many guest ranches include target shooting and archery, campfire sing-alongs, hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, fishing, and even zip-lining. If horseback riding isn't your style, we're sure the cowboys would let you feel them some hay or even carrots.

Horseback Riding