Wyoming HWY 22/Teton Pass between Victor, ID, and Wilson, WY, is CLOSED
Travelers from Idaho can reach Jackson via US 26 and US 89 through Snake River Canyon.
For more info: Contact a visitor service agent at (307) 733-3316 or call 511 for up-to-date road information.
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Virginian Bar - Krafty Photos The Virginian // Crafty Photos

Bars & Lounges

Discover the vibrant nightlife of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where rustic charm meets modern sophistication. Our guide to bars and lounges in this mountainous haven ensures an unforgettable night out. Experience the fusion of laid-back mountain culture with lively nightlife, offering everything from classic western saloons to trendy contemporary lounges. Nestled against the stunning Teton Range, these establishments provide the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with craft cocktails, local brews, and diverse atmospheres.

Explore intimate wine bars with cozy fireplaces or immerse yourself in high-energy venues featuring live music. Jackson Hole's nightlife caters to both locals and visitors, promising a diverse range of options for every taste. Whether you prefer to savor the crisp mountain air on outdoor patios or dance surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, Jackson Hole's bars and lounges offer an experience as unique as the stunning natural beauty that defines the area.


SR Brew Pub Game Night Courtesy of VisitJacksonHole


From the invention of the first modern growler by local brewer Charlie Otto to the…

Jackson Hole Winery Jackson Hole Winery. Photo courtesy of VisitJacksonHole.

Wine & Spirits

If you need some time at home after a long week of outdoors or hosting an event, then…

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar Dancing The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar


Experience the lively nightlife of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where rustic charm meets…