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The Vision of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership by improving the
quality of life in a world-class destination renown for our vibrant economy, dynamic and welcoming
community, and treasured environment.

The Mission of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is to champion the interests of local
businesses, enhance their prosperity and strengthen the year-round economic climate of Teton
County. To view our full strategic plan, click here

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1946 by a group of local business leaders in
order to better promote Jackson Hole as a travel destination. As the Chamber realized success in its
original mission, its scope expanded to more traditional Chamber of Commerce activities, including
advocates for the local business community.

While its roots are still firmly planted in destination marketing organization framework and
activities, its scope has expanded to be a champion for every business that either directly benefits
from the travel/tourism economy, or, has moved their business to Jackson Hole because of the
quality of life related to the reasons people visit Jackson.

Commitment to Sustainability

Riverwind Foundation Jackson Hole Wyoming Best Sustainability Certified Business Emerald Sustainability Tier

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is committed to being a leader in business sustainability and sustainable tourism in Jackson Hole and Teton County, Wyoming. We seek to preserve our natural and cultural heritage while contributing to local economic development and sustainability. We seek to inspire and educate our Member businesses and guests and introduce them to our authentic and incomparable natural and cultural heritage. 

Business belongs to the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce for both intrinsic and extrinsic reasons:
Intrinsic = The Chamber is the mechanism that ensures a prosperous future for their business and
our community. Collectively, it gives small business a big voice in community affairs.
Extrinsic = Pride in being a part of something bigger: A pillar in the community that is making
a difference. 

Our brand is one of our most valuable assets. It defines who we are, communicates the promises
that we deliver on, and unifies every area of our organization.

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Ride for the Brand
• Commitment from the organization to its members
• An invitation for others to join the movement
• Rallying cry
• Strong, forward-looking, plays off of Western heritage.

Ride for the Brand represents the full spectrum of work and programming the Chamber does, and, the
value Chamber members get from their membership: a powerful voice in community affairs looking out
for the interests of the business community and the integrity of the Jackson Hole ethos.

Ride for the Brand” is both a commitment from the organization to its members and the community,
and an invitation for others to join the movement. A movement that is focused on maintaining the
integrity and qualities of life in Jackson Hole while expertly and proactively addressing the new issues
and challenges that make the market so dynamic. It is the external, market-facing expression of the
organization’s mission and vision.

The brand is the essence of what Jackson Hole stands for: conservation, adventure, community,
humanity. When we “Ride” for the brand, we are advocates and champions for the integrity and
continuity of the best of what Jackson Hole has come to represent to the community and to the world; to
ensure that these pillars or strands of Jackson Hole’s DNA are proactively managed and promoted for the
quality of life our community thrives on and the quality of experience our visitors expect and deserve.

Board Members

Kris Shean - Haagen Dazs: Chair

Tim Harland - Grand Teton Distillery: Past Chair

Adam Meyer - Teton Media Works: Vice-Chair

Jason Williams - Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris: Treasurer

Richard Uhl - First Interstate Bank: Secretary

Alex Lemieux - The Wort Hotel

Fernando Ramos - The White Buffalo Club

John Frechette - MADE, Mountain Dandy, Mursell's

Karen Connelly - St. Johns Health

Martha Bancroft - First Western Trust

Ned Wonson - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Stephan Abrams - The Liquor Store

Carrie Boynton - Animal Adoption Center

Julie Calder - Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Zachariah Turpin - Jackson Hole Jewelry Co. 

Danny Shervin - Paint with Gunpowder

Ariel Koerber - Snow King Hotel

Current Committees

Membership Committee:

Elisabeth Rohrbach - Director of Membership: Director

Destination Global Sales:

Kent Elliot - Director of Destination Global Sales: Director 

Business Development Committee:

Rick Howe - Vice President JHCOC: Director 

Government and Community Affairs:

Mo Murphy - Director of Special Events & Community Affairs: Director 

Young Professionals of The Tetons

Riley Frances Harris - Operations Manager JHCOC: Director 

Andi Gollwitzer - Communication Manager:  Liaison

Special Events Committee:

Mo Murphy - Director

The Chamber of Commerce prides itself on its level of organizational transparency. Review the Chamber's important tax documents below: 

990 Tax Return  

Destination Sales Travel & Tourism Board Contract    

Event Coordinator Travel & Tourism Board Contract   

Visitor Services Travel & Toursim Board Contract    

For more information or for questions with any of the above, contact Christie Maurais at


The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Jackson Hole area so that its citizens and all areas of its business community shall prosper, including but not limited to expanding marketing and outreach through public relations and events, maximizing member value, facilitate exceptional visitor experiences, and strengthening strategic alliances with City, County, State, and Federal bodies and agencies. Download a pdf copy of the bylaws. Learn about the structure of the Board of Directors.

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Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce

Young Professionals of the Tetons

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