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Old West Days - May 17-27, 2024

Jackson Hole's community festival celebrating our Western heritage, history, and culture.  11 days full of live music, food, and family fun in Jackson Hole!

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An ancient art, it should be no surprise that pottery of all ages, and by all ages, is all over town. From historic pieces at the museums to featured artists in one of the fine art galleries to a studio that can be booked for local and emerging artists, there’s a chance to learn about the use, the firing and glaze, and in some cases, learning how to throw the pot yourself. Old, yes, but ceramics is very much a part of modern-day living in Jackson Hole.

The art scene in Jackson ranges from modern paintings to traditional decorative arts–and pottery, in particular, is symbolic of how the Jackson Hole area unifies historical and modern aesthetics and methods. Enthusiasts and collectors will find local galleries and museums are filled with opportunities to shop and learn. Take a class, enjoy an artist talk, buy original pieces, and find yourself deepening your understanding of an ancient art form in the modern-day.

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