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As the possibility of a government shutdown looms, We want to assure you that Jackson Hole is still wide open for fun! There are plenty of activities and things to do here that won't be affected.

Contact one of our visitor services agents for more information at (307) 733-3316


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three bull moose Courtesy of Visit Jackson Hole

Wildlife Tours

The in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - of which includes Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park - is home to nearly 300 species of birds, 16 species of fish, five species of amphibians, six species of reptiles, and 67 species of mammals. 

Our local habitat is unique and offers the opportunity for wildlife viewing with species not available elsewhere. From bison, elk, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, and even mountain lions, booking a wildlife tour with experienced biologists can not only take you to secret locales to catch famous Bear 399 or to show off the remarkable sage grouse mating dance but will ensure that you enjoy a full picture of how unique the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is.