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Grand Teton National Park Webcam

Known for its jagged peaks, you have to see the Teton mountains to believe them. Established in 1929 with great help from John D. Rockefeller, Grand Teton National Park sits just south of Yellowstone National Park and lies within the scenic mountain valley known as Jackson Hole. 

Named after its famous mountain, The Grand stands at the center of the range at 13,770-ft., nearly 7,500 feet above the valley floor. A string of lakes below the Teton Range, including Jenny Lake, Leigh Lake, Bradley Lake, Taggart Lake and Phelps Lake, offer wonderful hiking and strolling opportunities for all ages, as well as opportunities to gaze at the Tetons from a canoe, kayak or boat. The valley's largest lake, Jackson Lake, offers spectacular views of 12,605-ft. 

Visit our Grand Teton National Park page to learn about weather to expect, activities to enjoy, and lodging options. For more live views of the many gems in Jackson Hole visit our Webcams page. Webcam video provided by: SeeJh


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