Performing Arts & Theater

Jackson Hole is proud to have a vibrant arts scene, including live theater and cinemas!

One of Jackson Hole’s most unique live theater experiences is the Jackson Hole Shootout, the longest running shootout in the country! Open to the public, the Jackson Hole Shootout takes place right on Town Square each evening from Monday through Saturday in the summer. 

The Shout Out is put on by the amazing actors of the Jackson Hole Playhouse that was built in 1915 as a livery stable. It's Jackson's oldest building! Join them for dinner, followed by a stand-our musical that will leave you singing.

What is the legend and history behind the the Jackson Hole Playhouse's Shoot Out Gang?

Clover the Killer was a hardened outlaw who rode into the dusty streets of Jackson like he owned the place, ready for a fight with anyone who stepped in his way. He was the meanest, ugliest, no-good, hoss-thief this side of Teton Pass.  

Clover the Killer was no match for the Cache Creek Posse, however. The good guys, the ones whom protected the women, children and citizens of Jackson. Every night throughout the summer, starting in June 1956, the Posse would drag Clover the Killer into Town Square in an attempt to hang him. Undoubtedly, Clover never felt the noose tighten around his neck. Either his thieven' friends would come a ridin' with their six guns and steal Clover right out from underneath the Posse or the rope would break or somthin' would happen.

This was the beginning of the Shootout Gang.