Competitors, visitors, and local residents will experience the thrills and spills of the 45th Annual World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb March 24 through the 27th, 2022.

Since 1975 a few local boys started a hill climb competition that is now a World Championship Hill Climb.

What is the Snowmobile Hill Climb?

It’s man vs. mountain at the World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb and spectators get incredible mountainside seats to watch 500-pound machines and their riders race from the foot of Snow King up 1,571 feet to its summit. Due to the steep grade of the slope, not all of the sleds make the climb so volunteers keep watchful eyes for sleds that may succumb to the pull of gravity and start tumbling down the mountain.

Who puts on the Snowmobile Hill Climb?

Managed by the Jackson Hole Snow Devils, a local nonprofit, Hill Climb is widely recognized as a vital spring event by local businesses and nonprofit organizations. The four-day affair attracts thousands of visitors who spend the weekend enjoying a unique Jackson Hole experience. Snow Devils President Jeff Toolson commented, “The Snow Devils is a volunteer group. We have 100+ dedicated members that take time off of work and take time out of their days year round to make Hill Climb happen. They do it because they believe in our cause and they love this town.” In addition to their philanthropic efforts, the mission of the Jackson Hole Snow Devils is to be an educational platform for winter sports and activities. What was once a few kids marking a ski slopes is now one of the largest non-profit charity snowmobile events in the U.S.

This year marks the 45th Annual Snow Devil’s Hill Climb, a locally beloved event sought out by many. This year is extra exciting because visitors will be use Snow King's brand new gondola to ascend the mountain to watch the event. 

How to prepare for the Hill Climb:

  • Dress warm with snow boots, hats, and gloves.
  • Wear sunglasses as you’ll be staring uphill into the sun.
  • Bring binoculars and a lawn chair if you don’t want to miss a thing.
  • Legal ID if you wish to drink, responsibly.
  • CASH. There are no on site ATMs.
  • DO NOT BRING dogs or your own packaged alcoholic beverages.

Hill Climb Schedule:

Admission is $40/day. Tickets can be purchased at the gate on race days. 

  • Thursday, racing begins at 9:30 AM.
  • Friday-Sunday racing begins at 8 AM.

World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb in Jackson Hole Wyoming

Visitors interested in attending the event are invited to contact the experienced Visitor Services Agents at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce who can help plan a personalized trip perfect that can make the most of springtime in Jackson Hole. Other activities include downhill skiing, wildlife watching, and the opportunity to tour the valley by snowmobile! The office can be reached at 307.733.3316 or

For more information about the 2020 Hill Climb, please visit

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