Ruth Ann Petroff (Snake River Roasting), Julie Guttormson (VIM), Monay Olson (The Shine Group), Ali Cohane (Persephone & Picnic), Nicole Garret, (PRESeNT), and Kris Shean (Haagen-Dazs) provide a powerful takeover of the first BOB of 2020!

On the first Thursday of each month, businessmen and women gather for The Chamber's networking series: Business Over Breakfast. But this one felt different. With some of Jackson's most influential women to grace the stage, men and women from all industries and all ages visited Grand View Lodge seeking inspiration, motivation and insight.

To kick off the event, and provide background on its inspriation: some of Jackson's wildest

Monay Olson bob panel
The all female panel (from left to right): Jen Simon, moderator, Julie Guttormson, Ruth Ann Petroff, Nicole Garrett, Monay Olson, Ali Cohane, Kris Shean.

Tell us about yourself, your business, and a little background on how you got started:

Women business owners panel intros

Julie Guttormson: VIM
Ruth Ann Petroff: Snake River Roasting Co.
Nicole Garrett: PRESeNT
Monay Olson: The Shine Group
Ali Cohane: Persephone & Picnic
Kris Shean: Haagen-DazsJackson Hole Chamber of Commerce Board Chair
Clarene Law: Town Square Inns. Clarene was unable to attend the panel for health reasons, but we've asked her the same questions and have acquired her answers seperately. Stay tuned for "Insight from a Legend: Clarene Law".

Struck by the fact that you’ve all mentioned community, and our community specifically, could you talk a little more about the community here and how it affected your start or how it affects your business currently?

Women business owners panel community

Do you find that you face any challenges or different circumstances approaching business as a female business owner specifically?

Women business owners panel challenges

Have you experienced moments where you’re the only woman in the room, and if so, how do you handle that?

Women business owners panel only woman in the room

How do you prioritize when it comes to your business?

Women business owners panel prioritizing

Questions from the audience:
For Ruth Ann: how have you found the jump from business and politics? What are some similarities and some differences?

Women business owners panel business v politics

Hiring in Jackson is difficult, but we don’t seem to see many job ads for your business. How have you built your company culture to make it a place that people want to work?

Women business owners panel company culture

What’s a piece of actionable advice that you can give to either someone wanting to start a business or to women searching to find a place / calling?

Women business owner panels actionable advice

Thank you to Jen Simon, our panel, and all who attended the morning session at the beginning of the new year! Much of the magic of these events lies within the networking, the connections, and the conversations (what happens before and after the panel). Stay up-to-date with upcoming Business Over Breakfast events and upcoming Chamber Mixers.