The survey's goal was to understand the current business climate as the community progresses through this more stabilized, orange phase.

Concluding on June 26th, the below bullet points are a high-level summary of the 176 responses that are comprised by primarily lodging (23%), retail (16%), and restaurant industries (15%) and businesses with five or less full-time, year-round employees (43%). The complete 20 question survey follows.

  • In response to negative revenue impacts, 39% of respondents project a decreased revenue of 26-49%, followed by 22% projecting a 11-25% decrease YOY.
  • 63% of respondents did not eliminate permanent positions, however 23% eliminated 1-5 year-round positions permanently. Most businesses do not foresee eliminating any additional positions.
  • 79% applied for PPP CARES ACT funding grants and 29% applied for the Wyoming Business Council Business Stipend Grant. Of grants received, 29% have used all funds, followed by 28% who have used more than half.
  • The largest segment, 35% of businesses, have spent over $2,500 on COVID safety supplies and are requiring or encouraging staff and customers to adjust their behavior.
  • 66% of businesses would support an ordinance or health order requiring the public to wear masks inside their business.



What impact do you expect COVID-19 to have on your expected revenue for 2020?

Have you applied for any of the following funding opportunities?

If yes, did you receive funds? If so, how much have you spent?



How many positions did you eliminate due to COVID-19?

How many positions have you refilled?

How many (if any) additional positions do you foresee eliminating in the next 2 months?


To what extent has your staff expressed or displayed worry regarding their safety at work due to COVID-19?

Are you requiring staff to wear masks and/or follow additional sanitation protocol?

How much money (if any) have you spent to increase staff/customer safety, (ie, additional cleaning, PPE equipment, plexi-glass barrier)?

Did you apply to Wyoming Homeland Security for PPE supplies? If so, did you receive any?

Did you apply to Wyoming Homeland Security for PPE supplies? If so, did you receive any?

Did you receive PPE through the Chamber partnership with Roadhouse Brewing that was underwritten by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole?


Are you displaying signage regarding social distancing and/or increased personal hygiene?

Are you limiting the number of people in your space?

Select one of the below.

As a business, would you support an ordinance or health order requiring the public to wear masks inside your business?


What is your main business concern for June and July?

What is one positive that has come out of the COVID-19 challenges?

Appreciation | Improved operations | Gratitude | Better understanding of financials | More time w family | Get to projects typically put aside | Strengthened partnerships | NONE | Slowing down| Review of current operations | Better use of technology | Cooperation | Enjoying summer | Unity | Working from home works | Reset | Catching-up on past projects

Is there anything else we should know about your business and how it has been affected by Covid-19?

Concerned for long-term revenue| Need tourism | Huge blow to revenue | Low morale | Need more consistency regarding mask mandates | Have had to let staff go

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