The Teton District Health Officer has issued seven (7) recommendations. Recommendations are guidelines and are not enforceable as law. Recommendations #1, #2, and #5 have all now been superseded by public health orders. Recommendation #3 has been superseded by Recommendation #6. 

The Teton Health District Officer is still recommending the following:

Recommendation #4: That visitors to Teton County, Wyoming are requested to return home immediately upon the issuance of this Recommendation by the fastest and safest available means, and persons considering visiting Teton County, Wyoming should remain home. Non-resident homeowners are strongly encouraged to leave or to not travel to Teton County, Wyoming. Click here to see the original recommendation. 

Recommendation #6: That residents of Teton County, Wyoming who leave the geographic area of the State of Wyoming, Bonneville County, Idaho, and Teton County, Idaho and any visitors that visit Teton County, Wyoming from outside that geographic area should limit movement and gathering with other individuals who are not their immediate family upon their return to Teton County, Wyoming. Persons should leave their residences only to perform Essential Activities for a period of self-isolation lasting at least fourteen days or self-isolation until any fever or respiratory illness has resolved and they have returned to normal health for at least three days, whichever is longer. Click here to see the original recommendation.

Recommendation #7: That individuals wear cloth face coverings while in public, particularly when physical distancing measures cannot be relied upon, such as at the grocery store or pharmacy. Click here to see the original recommendation.


Statewide Public Health Order #1

Statewide public health order closing bars, restaurants, theaters, gymnasiums, childcare facilities, K-12 schools, colleges, universities and trade schools statewide Click here to view state-wide health order #1. Click here to read the continuation (extending the order until April 17th, 2020) for health order #1.

Statewide Public Health Order #2

Statewide public health order forbidding gatherings of ten (10) people or more. Click here to view state-wide health order #2. Click here for the continuation (extending the order until April 17th, 2020) for health order #2.

Statewide Public Health Order #3

Statewide public health order for the temporary closure of nail salons, hair salons, barber shops, massage parlors, tattoo, body art and piercing shops, and cosmetology, electrology, and esthetic services. Click here to view state-wide health order #3. Click here for the continuation (until April 30th, 2020) for health order #3. This order is now in effect until April 30th. View the full continuation order here.

State of Wyoming Executive Directive

Signed April 3, 2020 effective until April 30, 2020 this directive extends the three existing statewide health order through April 30 to slow the community transmission of coronavirus. Read the Governor’s State Executive Directive here

Governor Order: 14 day Quarantine for Out of State Visitors

Per Governor Gordon's mandate that "any individual coming or returning to Wyoming from another state or country for a non-work related purpose must immediately self quarantine for 14 days." View full order here.

COVID-19 State of Wyoming Informational Site


Teton District Health Officer Public Health Order #20-2. Click here to see the order "closing certain public places and placing restrictions on restaurants." 

Teton District Health Officer Public Health Order #20-1. Click here to see the order "forbidding large gatherings over 50 people." 

Teton District Health Officer Public Health Order #20-3. Click here to see the stay at home order for older adults and people with high risk medical conditions.

Town of Jackson Emergency Ordinance 1249. Click here to see the a stay-at-home order.