What happened?
The road failure along highway 22 that traverses the iconic Teton Pass serves as a brutal reminder that the forces of nature can produce stunning things like Grand Teton National Park or create major inconveniences. Throughout the seasons route 22 is at the mercy of avalanches and landslides, so road closures are not unheard.  However, this landslide, which occurred on the morning of June 8th, took a significant swath of roadway with it. Due to the severity of the damage, this highway will be closed for the foreseeable future.  This may sound like an intimidating obstacle to those who have planned, or are planning to, visit this beautiful region. So read on to know how this road closure may or may not impact your visit, and for information about route alternatives to plan ahead!  


Alternative Routes:
Highway 22 is the primary link between Jackson, WY and Victor, ID.  If you booked lodging in Teton Valley (Idaho) then the alternative route you would take to access the Jackson Hole region will be going west of Highway 31 to Swan Valley, ID, then south on Highway 26 to Alpine, WY and then north on Highway 26/89 to Jackson, WY.  This scenic detour is 85 miles and on average takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to drive, with ample opportunities for sightseeing in areas such as the Palisades Reservoir and the Snake River Canyon.  Considering commuters from Idaho will also be using this route, plan on traveling outside the hours of 6am-8am and 5pm-7pm Monday-Friday to avoid higher volumes of traffic expected between those times.

The closest access point into Yellowstone National Park from Victor, ID will still be the West Entrance. To reach this entrance gate, one would travel northwest along Highway 33 to 32, which passes through the small town of Ashton, ID and from there turn north on US Route 20. This journey is 102 miles in length and usually takes less than 2 hours to travel.  

Traveling to Jackson Hole from Rexburg or Idaho Falls, ID? GPS services will most likely re-route you to Interstate 15 south to Highway 26.  While this is a perfectly viable route it will cause you to miss driving through the incredibly scenic Teton Valley. Teton Valley is located on the west side of the Teton Mountain Range and is home to the charming towns of Victor, Driggs and Tetonia, ID. These communities offer a wonderful selection of lodging and dining opportunities along with endless activities. Take highway 33 southeast of Interstate 15 and enjoy magnificent mountain views, then connect to Highway 26 via 31 to continue towards Grand Teton National Park.   


Activity opportunities on the West Side: 
For visitors who really want to see the distinctive Teton Peaks without the detour to access Jackson Hole, incredible views and trails are easily accessible at the Grand Targhee Resort!  Driving east of Driggs, ID along Ski Hill Road you will ascend the mountainside to the Teton Canyon Overlook and soon reach the parking lot for the resort. Grand Targhee will open June 14, 2024 and offers scenic chair lift rides, mountain biking, horseback rides, dining and a great selection of kid friendly pursuits.  Check out the Grand Targhee Website to book your adventure!  

Teton Valley, Idaho is not to be missed when in the region, and we encourage you to take the time to explorer all it has to offer on your way to Jackson Hole. The Caribou-Targhee National Forest is host to many mountain trails that you do not need a national park pass to access!  Find information for great day hikes near Teton Valley.  

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