Gallery Wild

“I paint in a lot of color.” Fitting first words for my conversation with local artist and Gallery owner, Carrie Wild. Her work, displaying on a nearby gallery wall, is bursting with reds and purples, and the studio we’re sitting in is filled with pieces from Gallery Wild artists that don’t lack their own unique hues. But Carrie’s passion for art and wild spaces is perhaps the most colorful thing in the building.

Carrie Wild paintings

“My work conveys what it feels like, to me, to be in nature,” Wild continues, growing with excitement as she speaks. “I use reds and oranges and purples, colors of the sunset and sunrise, to replicate the heart-pounding feeling of that moment outside. And I use the gold leaf to add a glint of color and texture.”

This will be Carrie’s and Gallery Wild's 10th year participating in the Fall Arts Festival, and even still she expresses her gratitude and excitement when the topic turns to QuickDraw. “To be a part of the Jackson Hole QuickDraw is a big deal,” says Wild, “It’s something artists aspire to.”

Gallery Wild has four artists particpating in this years event – Amber BlazinaCaleb MeyerAaron Hazel, and Patricia Griffin. Each artist will have 90 minutes to complete a piece in a medium of their choice live on Town Square. The pieces will then be sold in a live auction immediately after the 90 minutes is up, making it one of the Fall Arts Festivals most exciting events. 

It would be no surpise for all four of these pieces to pay some respect to local wildlife and landscapes. Aptly named, Gallery Wild seeks inspiration from its incredible surroundings and places a focus on protecting the same lands and creatures that their collection represents. “When people walk into the gallery, we want them to be inspired by the art itself… but we also want them to feel compelled to preserve and conserve nature.”

Throughout Fall Arts Festival, September 7-18, Gallery Wild will be a hub for live art, gallery receptions, and shows. It’s not uncommon, throughout the entire year, for the gallery to become a live studio, an artist meetup location, and a family gathering spot all in one day. But during the festival, they put an extra emphasis on bridging the gap between artist and buyer, between gallery and art lovers of all types. Fall Arts Festival events give spectators “the ability to come learn about each individual artist” and give the artists “the ability to see people’s reaction to their work.”

“It’s a celebration,” says Wild. A celebration of art, a celebration of nature, a celebration of color.

Gallery Wild blog pic

Visit Gallery Wild’s website for a full list of artists, shows, and events. And visit The Fall Arts Festival landing page for other Fall Arts Festival events and to register to bid in The QuickDraw.