A bike saddle may just be the best way to experience Jackson Hole in summer. When you know where to go, pedaling takes you to destinations that cars can’t reach (and spins you right past the sometimes-heavy visitor traffic). Pop into a local bike shop to get the beta and peruse the wide selection of wheels available for rent.

Emily Stevens Park to R Park
Grab mountain bikes (and a bike rack if you need it) from Hoback Sports in town, then drive to Emily Stevens Park on the northwest bank of the Snake River in Wilson. Pedal up the trail and over a pedestrian bridge to Rendezvous Park (known locally as “R Park”), where you can lock up the bikes at the entrance. Then walk the path to discover Mama Mimi, Jackson’s resident troll and impressive community art project. While you’re at it, pack a picnic lunch and grab your fishing pole. Oh, and don’t forget your birding book.

The Aspens to The Deck at Piste Mountain Bistro
Rent electric bikes from Teton E-Bike Adventures and ride on the bike path from town for a longer excursion or start at The Aspens on WY 390 in Wilson (locals call this stretch of the Moose-Wilson Road “Teton Village Road”). Continue on the bike path until you reach Teton Village. If you time it right, you can lock your bikes and ride the gondola to the Bridger Center for a happy hour and play date at 8,000 feet.

Jackson to Dornans
Rent bikes from Pedego JH or Wheel Wranglers, then start your ride at The National Elk Refuge (or you can pedal all the way from town if you prefer). The paved pathway with epic views goes into Grand Teton National Park and ends at Jenny Lake. Take a small detour to Dornans in Moose for pizza and beer.

Cache Creek Road
The massive Cache Creek trail system is a hot spot for mountain bikers. But if you just want to take advantage of incredible views, you can ride up Cache Creek Road (it’s approximately a 4-mile out-and-back on a gravel road), drop the bikes, and hike up a single-track trail for a picture. It’s a downhill cruise the whole way back

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Friends of Pathways: Biking Resources Galore
For biking enthusiasts, Friends of Pathways is an invaluable resource in Jackson Hole. This organization is committed to promoting safe and sustainable transportation by providing comprehensive biking resources, including detailed maps of over 56 miles of paved pathways and 115 miles of trails. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a casual rider, you'll find a variety of routes that showcase the stunning landscapes of Jackson Hole. Friends of Pathways also offers information on bike rentals, safety tips, and community events, making it easy to explore the area on two wheels.

For a list of biking activity providers and more detailed information, be sure to check out our biking page or find out more information on a biking tour.