The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce's Business Development Committee hosted its first JH Happening.

The event was to help all new local workers of our rich and diverse community along with our J-1 and H2B visa holders feel engaged and understand the resources available to them in Teton County. 

Like Mayor Morton Levinson said in her welcome video below, "We are truly delighted that you have chosen to be part of our community. It is the people who make this place special." 

In addition to the approximately 70 new community members, the following organizations were present:

These organizations do so much to support all of us. If you would like to connect with any of them or have any questions, please contact Chamber Vice President Rick Howe at As Mayor Morton Levinson said, "You are now part of our story. We are glad you are here."

JH Happening will be a biannual event, welcoming seasonal workers who arrive in the early winter and the early summer. Please reach out to Vice President Rick Howe if you would like to get involved.

Thank you to our generous sponsors: