Communications Manager, Cecilie Davila, attends Taste of Teton Village-a popular event during Jackson Hole Food & Wine's Winter Fest. See why you have to make it a must during your Winter visit in Jackson.

After a beautiful long day on the slopes, all the locals and out of towners make their way to their favorite part of the day: Après. With many options at the base of the mountain, there is one that truly shines that happens once a year at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel: Taste of Teton Village. As a local, this was an event I had always wanted to attend but had not been able to due to trips and work functions. Luckily this year, I was able to get a taste of what the event was like, and boy did I leave with a new palate and excitement for next year's event. 

As I entered the four seasons and picked up my welcome pamphlet, I made my way through the hotels cozy and sophisticated hallways to the entrance to the event. I was immediately greeted by smiling faces and was handed my first cocktail in a glass tumbler that I would have with me the whole night. For those who know me well, you know I love a good tumbler so I was already pleased with how the night was going so far. What was most impressive was walking into the main room and seeing with my own eyes the detail that went into the ambiance. The lights lit up all over the walls and attendees faces and had a blue hue to it--it felt like the room was transformed into a chic night club while the DJ played some great classics. Tables lined the whole space of this ballroom, filled with the most delicious smelling food and the most flavorful wines I have ever had. Not only were you tasting your favorite Chef's food in Jackson like Sudachi or drinking your favorite homemade fireball shots from Handle Bar, but you were able to actually speak with these talented people and learn about their products. Everyone, Chef or not, was so knowledgable and genuinely happy to be sharing their different menu items with you--the whole room was a giant crowd of smiling faces and full bellies. 

My favorite part of the night, being a wine lover, was meeting different representatives and wine connoisseurs from different wine regions in the U.S. I'm a big red and prosecco drinker, so I was in heaven when I was able to taste some new favorites. If you've made your way around the main room, you can make your way to surrounding hallways where more vendors are located. More wine, cocktails, food and ice cream, and even a photo booth! Take a look below for a fun video walkthrough of the event. WARNING: amazing food and wine being consumed in this video. 


Favorite Food Item: Octopus Salad from Calico Favorite Beverage: Jackson Hole Still Works Cocktails

Make sure to follow Jackson Hole Food and Wine on Instagram and visit their site here to stay in the loop for next year's Annual Winter Fest. Whether you're a local or visiting to hit the slopes, put Taste of Teton Village on the top of your to-do list now!

Oh and guess what? There's a Summer Fest, too! Tickets go on sale in April.

This blog was written by Communications Manager, Cecilie Davila. Do you have an event coming up you would like the Chamber to attend and produce a post like this? Contact Cecilie here for more information.