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From Chamber of Commerce CEO, Rick Howe:

To our Chamber of Commerce members and friends,

With the passing of one of our Valley’s most beloved citizens and greatest economic advocates, I wanted to pass on two pieces of information from the family that will allow us to reflect on and memorialize such a fulfilled life of passion and service. Here are but a few of what can only be described as the Legacy of Clarene Law’s many accomplishments besides her service in the Legislature that helped create the unique fabrics and lifestyle that we today call our home.

  • Established WLRA from the former Colo/Wyo Lodging Association - 1970’s
  • Local Option Lodging Tax - 1980’s through to our current structure - 40%/60% for Teton County
  • Establishment of the Business Council -  fought to include Tourism as a program area (sat within Dept Commerce)
  • Wyoming Office of Tourism being established as a stand-alone agency in 2007 – Signed into law
  • Big Wyo Award 

I, as many in this Valley, can attest that I have lost a friend, a mentor, and a personal and professional hero. No words can ever come close to describing the loss we all feel. Let’s instead celebrate the life, the family, the memories, and the Legacy that Clarene has now passed on to us. “Nothing ever comes close to the value of a good day’s work” is one of the quotes I remember Clarene telling me on one of our many chats while I was serving in Town Government. The Chamber of Commerce and this Valley thank you for setting the bar so high for each of us when it comes to a life fulfilled and showing us the true meaning of integrity. We were all blessed to experience your time here with us. Thank you to the family for sharing her with all of us.

God Bless.