The snow-covered landscapes of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, are set to witness an exhilarating spectacle as mushers and their teams of powerful sled dogs converge for the 2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Race on Friday, January 26th. This iconic event, organized by the Pedigree Stage Stop Race, promises a thrilling showcase of skill, determination, and the enduring bond between mushers and their canine companions.

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The Race Route:

As the starting point of this prestigious sled dog race, Jackson Hole offers a breathtaking backdrop with its majestic mountains and pristine snow trails. The race route takes participants through some of the most picturesque scenery in Wyoming and Idaho, showcasing the natural beauty that makes this region a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

For detailed information on the race route, checkpoints, and daily schedules, participants and spectators alike can refer to the official website of the Pedigree Stage Stop Race: Wyoming Stage Stop.

Competitors and Teams:

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The 2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Race draws top-tier mushers from around the world, each vying for glory and the chance to be crowned the Stage Stop Champion and collect the $165,000 purse. The teams of athletic and well-trained dogs are as much the stars of the show as their human counterparts, showcasing the unique synergy between musher and canine.

Throughout the race, spectators will witness the incredible stamina and determination of these remarkable athletes, as they navigate challenging terrains and weather conditions. The bond between musher and dog is central to the success of each team, highlighting the importance of trust and teamwork in the world of sled dog racing.

Community Engagement:

The Pedigree Stage Stop Race is not just a sporting event; it's a celebration of community spirit and the shared love for the outdoors. Local communities along the race route come together to support and cheer on the participants, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement.

Spectators are encouraged to join the festivities, whether it's by attending race events, volunteering, or simply enjoying the race from designated viewing areas. The race not only promotes the sport of sled dog racing but also serves as a platform for fostering community bonds and showcasing the hospitality of Wyoming and Idaho.


The 2024 Pedigree Stage Stop Race in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, promises to be a thrilling adventure for participants and spectators alike. As mushers and their teams of sled dogs embark on this challenging journey through the snow-covered landscapes, they carry with them the spirit of competition, camaraderie, and a shared love for the sport. It's an event that not only showcases the athleticism of sled dogs and their mushers but also brings communities together in the spirit of celebration and support for these incredible athletes. The race runs January 26th - February 3rd and is comprised of eight stages.