View one of Lindsay Linton's featured women in Chapter 1's Breaking Boundaries Series Clarene Law: Self-made business mogul & community leader

Clarene LawClarene grew up in a blue-collar family in the neighboring state of Idaho. She came to Jackson sixty years ago and became a flourishing entrepreneur through her hotel and business endeavors. Clarene doesn’t think of herself that way, though. In her mind, her greatest success is thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of her parents, her husband, and her children.

“The only way you do things; you don’t do things alone ... There is no such word as just me—I. It is all of us. It’d take everybody in my life to make what I am today.”

Clarene is well-known in her community and around the state for her kindness and commitment to helping people, as well as for her roles in public service. She served fourteen years in state legislature, as well as on numerous boards and commissions. Clarene can still be found most days working at The Antler Inn—her flagship motel, which she purchased fifty-six years ago. At 85 years old, why does she go to work every day? “Because it needs done.”

“I had the ability, if I had any ability, of bringing people together so that we could build—not by pushing others down, but by standing on each other’s shoulders.”

Her number one piece of advice for a successful business and a happy, content life: Believe in yourself.

“You have to believe in yourself, and you have to be willing to take the advice of others, and

you have to find an awfully good banker,” she says.

This information was provided by member Lindsay Linton. Clarene's story is part of the Women in Wyoming: Breaking Boundaries Series and can be seen in full here.
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