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Family Fun

Kids will find the adventure of a lifetime in Jackson Hole while exploring the last of the Old West!

Experience year-round exciting adventures for the entire family.  Perfect for outdoor recreation winter or summer, discover things to do that will delight the entire family - including skiing, sleigh riding, and dog sled tours! And every child should see the wonders of the National Parks.

Five Ways to Spend Your Weekends Outside this Winter

Incorperate some of these activities into your Saturday or Sunday, or make a whole day out of them!

The best part about spending winter in Jackson has to be the endless amounts of positive energy being emitted from every angle when it snows. There truly is no better place in the world to be cold! Though skiing is a what most of us think of when we think of powder days, there truly are tons of other opportunities for family winter fun in Jackson Hole. So we decided to compile a short list of affordable outdoor activities you and your littles might be interested in this weekend.

  • Cache Creek- Walk around the beautiful Cache Creek area and look for wildlife, babbling creeks, and snowballs to be thrown. Learn more.
  • Snow King Magic Carpet- The whole family can enjoy the magic carpet for only $10! It’s a great place to learn to ski or snowboard if you’ve never done it. It’s also fun for little learners too! You can walk to the bottom as well and ride up if you only want to supervise and not ski! It’s quick and easy. Learn more.

  • Ice Skating- Ice skate on Jackson’s iconic Town Square while enjoying romantic music and beautiful lights! Rentals are $5 with a local ID and $10 without. Or bring your own and skate for free! M-F 4pm-9pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-9pm. If you’re in Teton Village, from 3pm-9pm you can skate on the commons too! $6 with a local ID to rent skates and $12 without. You can also check out the beautiful snow sculptures too! Learn more.

  • Sledding at R Park- Bring a sled to wonderful Rendezvous Park and head to one of the three awesome sledding hills. Learn more.

  • Visit the Animal Adoption Center- Stop by and say hello to all of the pups that need a new home. You can walk them around town or play games with them while they sport their fancy ‘Adopt Me’ vests. Talk about feel-good fun. Learn more.

For indepth recommendations for every season read "Explore the National Parks and Jackson Hole with Kids." If you'd like additional recommendations or have more questions, let us help you make these decisions easier. Peruse our travel planner, the Explorer Magazine Travel Planner, which you can order to be mailed to your door!

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