Wyoming HWY 22/Teton Pass between Victor, ID, and Wilson, WY, is CLOSED
Travelers from Idaho can reach Jackson via US 26 and US 89 through Snake River Canyon.
For more info: Contact a visitor service agent at (307) 733-3316 or call 511 for up-to-date road information.
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Best Hikes 

Taggart Lake: This is the easiest hike on the list. Consequently, it's also one of the more popular hikes in the park. However, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Grand Teton - on the trail and at the lake - in relative solitude if you start your hike early in the morning.

Phelps Lake: Phelps Lake Loop has little elevation gain and mostly meanders along the shoreline after an initial mile and a half of forest and elevation gain. Moving counterclockwise on the loop, the hike provides constant and dramatic views of the Teton Mountain Range and Death Canyon. Added bonus: Located on the northeastern shore of Phelps Lake is a favorite feature of Grand Teton National Park: the iconic jumping rock with super views of Death Canyon. The jump is a thirty-foot drop into cold mountain water.

Static Peak Divide: Cascade Canyon gets all the accolades whenever outdoor media types discuss hiking in the Grand Tetons. The alpine scenery is simply epic and easily makes this a number one hike in Grand Teton National Park.

Lake Solitude: This hike just about has it all: a beautiful subalpine lake, stunning mountain scenery, wildlife, wildflowers, and the largest waterfall in the park. Although this is another tough hike, it does provide hikers with the opportunity to explore more of the stunning scenery in the Cascade Canyon area.

String Lake Loop: If you're looking for a hike that offers great scenery, but isn't quite so physically demanding, the loop around String Lake is a perfect choice. 

Cascade Canyon: Undoubtedly this is one of the most popular hikes in the Tetons. And rightfully so - the views of Teewinot Mountain near the mouth of the canyon are breathtaking. The canyon is also famous for its wildflowers, as well as the possibility of seeing a variety of wildlife.

Death Canyon: Going all the way to Static Peak Divide is likely much too far for most people. However, you can still enjoy some absolutely stunning scenery by taking the hike up to the Death Canyon Patrol Cabin. Walk a very short distance past the historic cabin and you'll have an awesome view of the upper canyon.

Garnet Canyon: This is probably the easiest route for hikers to enjoy superb alpine scenery in the Grand Tetons. From the end of the trail, you'll have upfront views of the molten dike running down Middle Teton.

Amphitheater Lake: This is arguably the best hike to a mountain lake in a national park. From the eastern shores of this beautiful subalpine lake, you'll have an upfront view of Middle Teton, Disappointment Peak, Grand Teton, Mt. Owen, and Teewinot Mountain.

Marion Lake: How often do you get the chance to start a hike from the top of a mountain? This hike to Marion Lake begins from the top of Rendezvous Mountain - after taking the 12-minute aerial tram ride to the summit. The route offers big views along the upper Granite Canyon area, before reaching tiny Marion Lake tucked just below the summit of Housetop Mountain.

With so many trails located on the western shores of Jenny Lake, the Jenny Lake Ferry is a great way to start or finish longer hikes to help shave off elevation and mileage.

The ferry is $10 one way / $18 round trip for adults, or $8 one way / $10 round trip for kids.