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Yellowstone has several breathtaking waterfalls located throughout the park. And there’s almost always a guarantee of catching up with the unique Yellowstone Ecosystem’s wildlife when near a freshwater source. 

FIREHOLE FALLS: Located less than 30 minutes from West Yellowstone, Firehole Falls is one of the most accessible and beautiful falls in the Yellowstone. Take the scenic drive through Firehole Canyon, where you can observe the Firehole River from the 40 ft rocky cliffs above. 

TOWER FALL: Tower Fall plunges 132 feet into the famed Yellowstone River. One of the more famous waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park, Tower Fall is located roadside between Tower-Roosevelt and Canyon Village (just three miles south of the Roosevelt Junction). Named in 1870 for the rocky pinnacles that frame it, Tower Fall earned its namesake. Tower Creek drops 132 feet straight down before joining the Yellowstone River.

GIBBON FALLS: Located just off the road between Madison and Norris Junctions, Gibbon Falls is a superb example of beautiful Yellowstone territory. Nestled in between rocky cliffs and scrubby pines, the falls drop 84 feet into a clear pool–making it one of the most iconic settings for a picnic.

KEPLER CASCADES: Looking for a break from the busier and more popular spots, Kepler Cascades is a great option. Just south of Old Faithful where the Firehole River narrows and then drops into 150 ft waterfall into a small clear pool. 

UNDINE FALLS: Undine is lesser-known and not often visited but Undine Falls is one of the most mystical of all the falls in the park. Undine takes its name from the wise, typically female sprites who reside near waterfalls in mythology. Dropping 60 feet into a stark canyon below, Undine is found off the highway between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower-Roosevelt.

UPPER AND LOWER YELLOWSTONE RIVER FALLS: The most famous waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park are the Lower Yellowstone River Falls with its impressive 308-foot drop. Both The Upper and Lower Falls are popular tourist attractions in Yellowstone—their awe-striking natural beauty is surely not to be missed. Located Just off the main highway between North Rim Drive and South Rim Drive in the Canyon Area, the Brink of the Upper Falls is a dramatic drop of 109 feet into the storied Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. A favorite spot is Artist’s Point, which offers a classic view of the falls without a hike. This is a must-see waterfall for anyone traveling through Yellowstone.