Art in Unsuspecting Places

From the perspective of photographer and fellow creative Riley Frances Harris.

Jackson Hole is a bustling hub for the creative. Heck, the free front row view of the Tetons could turn any Average Joe into an artist. From music to handmade jewelry, custom designed hats to efficient leather gloves, metal workers to artists with paintbrushes, and those with cameras…the list of creatives could go on and on. Thankfully, businesses in Jackson Hole, Wyoming have decided to be creative by opening their doors to those creating.

I'm not just referring to typical art galleries, though much to the delight of both visitors and locals, Jackson Hole has a plethora of gorgeous art galleries - Legacy Gallery, Ringholz Studio, and Deihl Gallery to name a few. Non-traditional galleries are scattered throughout the area. And it's a really cool thing. A number of businesses in Jackson Hole have made it a point to use their wall space to support local artists while simultaneously decorating their spaces. It's a win-win. Here's how it works. 

Typically, an artist gets one month to feature their select pieces in a space and the artist and business share a percentage of the profit. As the month changes, the artist changes and patrons have a new slew of artwork to enjoy. 

Art by Marinna Elinsky at Cowboy Coffee

Art by Marinna Elinsky at Cowboy Coffee 

Unconventional galleries we encourage you to visit:

  • Cowboy Coffee - A popular non-traditional art gallery. Known for their locally made coffee, Cowboy Coffee is also known for having rotating artwork. They often host receptions to showcase the new artists. It's right on Town Square and provides the perfect opportunity for a potential buyer to contemplate purchasing new art while sipping on a frothy cappuccino, just as they might in their own kitchen where the artwork might hang next.
  • Pearl Street Bagels - Famously known for their bagels and likely the first business in town to feature local artists on a rotating basis. Any given day, you can find photography or painting or a mixture of both dressing their walls.

Badger - Art by Donna Barrett in Pearl Street Bagels

Art by Donna Barrett in Pearl Street Bagels

The next best thing to coffee or bagels in Jackson is probably beer.

  • Snake River Brew Pub is yet another nontraditional art gallery. With a bar in the center of the dining area, there's plenty of wall space for artwork and plenty of tables for purchasing contemplation. 

  • Jackson Whole Grocer is yet another. Next to their fireplace and dining area, hangs a wall of rotating artwork. 

Do yourself a favor and check out the walls next time you're out and about. You might be surprised and inspired by the abundance of creativity around you.

Fox skateboard deck by Marinna Elinski

Marinna Elinski

If you like Marinna's art don't miss the opening on January 18th at Cowboy Coffee.

More things to see in and around Jackson:

  • Jackson has an amazing and historic Town Square packed with amazing stores and local shops. Visit our shopping page.

  • Looking for something to bring home? Jackson has a bounty of stores with great gifts and souvenirs

  • Jackson has a number of great clothing stores and boutiques, whether you're looking for fashion or a simple t-shirt to rep Jackson, WY.

  • Jewelry is similar to art in the way it can be found in the most unpredictable places in Jackson. Keep an eye out for locally crafted jewelry or stop into one of our prize jewelry stores. 

Upcoming Events:

  • GLOW Nights an upcoming public art Celebration.