Jackson Hole Quickdraw & Art Auction

The Jackson Hole QuickDraw is one of the most anticipated events in the local arts calendar, offering a unique and dynamic celebration of Western art in the heart of Wyoming's Jackson Hole valley. This annual event typically takes place during the Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival, a week-long celebration of art, culture, and community.

During the QuickDraw, artists gather in the scenic town square of Jackson Hole to create original works of art in a race against the clock. Using various mediums such as paint, pastels, charcoal, and sculpture, these artists work quickly and skillfully to capture the essence of the surrounding landscape, wildlife, and Western heritage.

One of the distinctive features of the QuickDraw is its interactive and immersive nature. Spectators are invited to observe the artists at work, offering a firsthand glimpse into the creative process and the opportunity to engage with the artists as they bring their visions to life. This lively atmosphere fosters a sense of camaraderie and excitement among artists and attendees alike, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.

As the artists work, a festive atmosphere permeates the town square, with visitors, locals, and fun for the whole family. Visitors can explore the bustling artist booths, interact with the artists, and experience the highlight of the Fall Arts Festival.

At the culmination of the event, the freshly created artworks are auctioned off to the highest bidders in a spirited live auction, with proceeds benefiting the artists and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, who then uses the funds to support community events.

The Jackson Hole QuickDraw encapsulates the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and community that defines the local arts scene. It serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Western art and culture in Wyoming and offers a memorable experience for artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts from near and far.