Calico Bar & Restaurant is one of the longest operating restaurants in the Valley to date, a local favorite, and an essential part of Jackson Hole's history.

While the name Calico came from a ghost town in California, the main structure of the building came from a blind bid on a church on Mormon Row built in 1905. Roughly 60 years later, two partners won the old church with a $666.66 bid in 1966; they moved the structure to where it now sits on Moose-Wilson Road. Jeff Davies rebuilt and remodeled the old building adding a bar and a wood-burning stove while preserving the church's original structure.

Calico has been serving fantastic food and dining experiences for what will be 55 years this October 2021. Calico sits along Moose-Wilson Road, about halfway between Jackson and Teton Village. The beautiful red building boasts a large yard which you will often see packed with people enjoying happy hour and children frolicking on the half-acre lawn. The restaurant has a great porch area, ample indoor dining accommodations with high ceilings, and a separate bar area.

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Serving up traditional American-Italian fare presented by Chef Cody Allen and his supporting line, popular items on the menu include the Bruschetta, Ski Bum Pizza, and the Crispy Eggplant entre. Calico sources a high percentage of local ingredients and emphasizes fresh, homemade items and seasonal produce. Calico's salads are amongst the best in the Valley; start with the Heirloom Caprese.

A popular drink coveted by locals is the Spicy Margarita. The mouth-watering drink is made with a mix of strawberry, pineapple, and jalapenos marinated in tequila for a few days. Insider Tip: Calico sells bottled pints of the blend you take home to pour over ice. A pint is $19 and gets you about three margaritas.

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A unique part about Calico is its outdoor dining experience. In the warmer months, the red building stands against a lush green backdrop, draped in hanging baskets and floral arrangements. Seating outside accommodates outdoor dine-in seating, first-come-first-serve seating through ordering at the Yard Bar and new last year, take-out socially distant dining.

This summer, Calico will expand on its private dining opportunities by offering luncheons and intimate private dinner parties. Schedule your private dining experience today, more here.

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Calico is located at 2650 Moose-Wilson Road in Wilson. Regular business hours have the bar opening at 4:00 pm and dining at 5:00 pm. Reservations are recommended for larger parties or on the weekends. Call (307) 733-2460.

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