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Students Seeking Internships

Jackson is an amazing place to spend the summer and opportunities abound if you want to get your feet wet at a business, with a nonprofit, in the field of education, or at an art gallery—there are many options to build up your resume while enjoying the world-class recreation. 

But be better prepared for your summer. Ask about housing, transportation, stipends, and about your expectations. 

If your preferred business isn't able to supply housing, take a look at the resources below to find a short-term rental for the summer. 

Jackson Hole Daily Classified Ads

Jackson Hole Radio Classified Ads

Facebook, 22 Rents

Questions to ask yourself and your internship: 

Do you have a car? If not, no problem! The town of Jackson has an excellent transportation system. Explore START bus schedules, routes, and additional information here. START bike is a new extension of START bus, established in 2018. For more information on START bikes, click here. (Who doesn't love cruising around town on a bicycle?!) 

Can the desired business pay you? Can you discuss part-time work if not? 

For more information, contact Chamber Operations Manager and Internship Program Coordinator, Riley Frances Boone at . 

“Interning at the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce was a wonderful experience. The staff was very warm, welcoming, and easy to learn from. During my time I was made aware of the many pertinent issues facing the local community. Debates over taxes and tourism were very interesting to observe from an economic standpoint. I loved reading about different economic indicators that are vital to the success of the tourist industry, such as Yellowstone visitation rates and seasonal airport arrival rates. I was intrigued by the different viewpoints people have about the expanding tourism industry and how this expansion could possibly affect the lives of yearly residents. Jackson Hole does have a rich history and stunning beauty that attracts visitors in the winter and summer, but Jackson Hole also functions more than solely on tourism. It was great to experience firsthand how the Chamber promotes and supports local businesses year-round. The Chamber’s close focus on enhanced customer service makes them a wonderful resource for any business in the area because they are always available to give advice. I was very impressed by the number of events that the Chamber organizes that allow the business leaders in the community to interact and bounce ideas off of each other. Any place blessed with a geographic location like Jackson can thrive economically during ski and peak outdoor seasons, but the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce provides insight and knowledge to promote a healthy year-round economy as well.” 

-Charlie Bushnell, Johns Hopkins University 


Ready to join the Chamber? Need more information? Explore our Explorer Magazine Travel Planner, which you can also explore electronically HERE. If you're already here, feel free to stop by one of our Visitor Centers where an experienced agent will be able to guide you in the right direction.