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Be Well Jackson Hole

Be Well Jackson Hole is a partnership between St. John’s Medical Center’s Wellness Department and the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce. 

The program enables Chamber members to purchase wellness services for their employees at 10% off regular prices. 

Select wellness services are provided by the staff of St. John’s worksite wellness program Wellness Works. 

Wellness Works received national recognition from the American Hospital Association in 2016 as a new innovative strategy to support individuals in reaching their highest potential for health.


Services Offered:

1. Affordable Care Act Navigation: Offered at no cost by certified marketplace navigators, ACA navigation assists individuals in understanding their health insurance options on the Individual Wyoming Marketplace. Navigation is also offered to small employers on the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) marketplace.

2.  Back Pain Clinic: This clinic explores how to prevent common back injuries in the workplace and provides a brief overview of workstation issues that can create or exacerbate back pain. Instructed by a board-certified doctor of physical therapy. 

3.  Chi Running Clinics: Learn how to run efficiently and injury-free. Taught by a certified Chi Running instructor.

4.  Ergonomic Evaluations: Ergonomic evaluations ensure that an employee’s workstation is designed to minimize the risk of injury and maximize productivity. Ergonomic evaluations are

performed by a board-certified doctor of physical therapy.

5. Full Spectrum Light Therapy: Full-spectrum lighting helps to reestablish the body’s natural circadian rhythm and reduces the risks of seasonal affective disorder. The Wellness staff will assist you with selecting the correct full spectrum lights for your office.

6.  Healing Touch Sessions: Healing Touch works with your body’s natural energy to promote healing and reduce stress. Provided by St. John’s registered nurses who have completed the Healing Touch Level I certification.

7. Health Risk Appraisal: A 10-minute online survey of health risks with personalized and population-based results.

8.  Healthy U: Stanford’s Chronic Disease Self-Management (CDSM) program is a group program offered in either English or Spanish. Instructed by Stanford-certified CDSM leaders.

9.  Liberate Your Couch: A “Couch to 5K” program that challenges your employees to walk or run in a series of local races. Can be offered as an individual or group challenge.

10. Maintain Don’t Gain: Join in the fun of preventing holiday weight gain. An individual or group challenge, Maintain Don’t Gain is offered annually between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

11. Mindfulness Instruction: Group or one-on-one coaching provided by a certified instructor in mindfulness-based stress reduction.

12.   Nutrition Consultations: Nutrition consultations address individual health issues or interests and are provided by a St. John’s registered dietitian. 

13. Nutrition Workshops: Tailored to the nutritional interests of the audience, these workshops are taught by a St. John’s registered dietitian. Topics can include: eating for performance, mindful eating, nutrition for a healthy heart, and more.

14. Pilates Instruction: Pilates is a series of low-impact exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and mental awareness. Recommended for clients with back pain. Group or individual instruction is provided by a certified Pilates instructor.

15. Spring into Fitness: Get your employees moving through a challenge to meet the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations for weekly exercise. Employees can log any activities to meet the goal. Can be offered as an individual or group challenge.

16. Stress Reduction Programming: Choose from a variety of stress reduction programs designed to help your employees identify factors leading to stress and the skills to manage stress. Programs include weekly instructional emails and can include daily logging.

17. Tobacco Cessation: Tobacco cessation counseling sessions follow evidenced-based protocol and utilize free nicotine replacement therapies offered by statewide quit programs. Provided by a Mayo Clinic-trained tobacco cessation specialist.

18. Wellness Blood Screenings: Onsite wellness blood screenings performed by St. John’s phlebotomists. A complete chemistry panel (includes glucose, liver, kidney and heart function) with optional tests for diabetes, Vitamin D, prostate screening antigen and white and red blood cell counts.

19. Wellness Coaching: One-on-one wellness coaching helps clients reach optimal health and well-being. Wellness coaches are trained to help clients develop and implement personal wellness plans. St. John’s wellness coaches are certified by Wellcoaches, which is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine.

20. Wellness Walks: The Wellness staff can organize and motivate your employees to start walking. Walks can be offered on a lunch break or before or after work. Guest experts can join the group to

For detailed information, including pricing, please contact St. John’s Wellness Department at 307.739.7244 or​


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