Visitors to Jackson Hole, WY now have access to COVID-19 tests during their stay thanks to this new testing program brought to you by several state and community organizations.

February 2, 2020

JACKSON, WYThe program will now supply COVID-19 tests to visitors through the remainder of the season as supplies last.

Hotels, resorts, hospitality industries and visitors can now preorder VAULT tests to be available before guest arrival. All that's needed is a WY address. The program will enable the guest to test while in place and receive their results to mitigate quarantine or other limitations being implemented across the country.

"This sends a clear message that Jackson Hole and Wyoming care about visitors' health and wellbeing as well as understanding the challenges faced with travel at this time. WY also cares about employees and has made free testing available to businesses and employees who live and work in the state. The program is a means to keep residents and visitors safe. This new program will not affect the availability of tests for Wyoming employees and residents," commented Anna Olson, Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce President/CEO.

VAULT tests provide the opportunity of testing in the convenience of the guest's lodging, on any schedule. All test results are sent directly to the guest and Teton County Public Health Office. If the test result is positive, guests who receive a positive test result in Wyoming will need to follow the statewide ordinance requiring an in-state quarantine. The guest will be responsible for all costs associated with this additional stay. Guests who receive a positive test result (who showed no symptoms) and have already returned home (outside of Wyoming) agree to assist local public health officials with contact tracing work for their time in Wyoming.

If a guest is feeling ill with flu-like symptoms, St. John's Health can evaluate on their nurse hotline line and via a telehealth visit with one of their providers. St. John's will then determine if the guest needs a coronavirus test, and they will deliver instructions for tests by appointment at one of their testing locations. Call 307-739-4898, option 3.

This program was conceived and delivered in collaboration with Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, St. John's Health, Teton County Health Department, Wyoming Office of Tourism, and the Wyoming Governor's office. For more information on VAULT testing, click here. VIEW THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE HERE.

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