Growing up in Jackson Hole in the 1960s, the seven Bagley kids have seen and done it all. Don't miss their favorite outdoor activities!

Jackson hole historyFirst, a little history. It's not easy to be considered a "true local" in Jackson Hole. You can't have moved to the town ten years ago...not even 50 years ago. To be a "true local" you have to have been born here. 

Many of us moved to Jackson Hole to ski the famous mountains or to photograph the majestic wildlife. Not Korinne, Trisha, Brett, Ryan, Seth, Chelsea, and Jessica Bagley--they are "true locals." Their parents Jerry and Patsy built and ran the Red Barn and firework stand just across the street from the National Elk Refuge. Today, the special place is better known for Flat Creek Inn, which Patsy and Jerry's children and grandchildren still help with today. Every room has views of the Elk Refuge, which you can get a taste of via their live webcam.

With so much to see and do in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas, let these "true locals" guide you.

Favorite Hikes:

Leave it to people born at 6,000 feet elevation, with superhero-sized lungs to recommend hikes that force you to sweat, and sweat and maybe even hurt a little. Please pop into a visitor center or access a trailmap to get a better sense of the demands of their recommendations.

Amphitheater Lake - This 10.2 mile roundtrip hike, with almost 3,000 vertical feet gain in Grand Teton National Park, brings you to the banks of a subalpine lake. The hike begins at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead.

Middle Teton - One of the three famous Teton peaks in Grand Teton National Park, many would call the Middle Teton more of a climb than a hike. It is the 3rd highest peak in the mountain range that reaches over 12,000 feet in elevation.

grizzly bears

Alaska Basin - Known for its stunning wildflowers, Alaska Basin is part of Grand Teton National Park's Teton Crest Trail sitting in a high alpine area that some say resembles Alaska. Alaska Basin can be reached from both Wyoming and Idaho.

Lake Solitude - A small lake, just .5 miles in circumference, the views are anything but that. The major peaks of the Cathedral Group in the background - Teewinot Mountain, Mount Owen and the Grand Teton. There are a few gorgeous campsites near the lake, which are accessible from trailheads at Jenny Lake and String Lake.

Gray's River Road - This is the only hike the Bagley's recommend outside of Grand Teton National Park. It's in the Bridger-Teton National Forest near Alpine, Wyoming, one hour south of Jackson. This hike may seem more like a walk in comparison to the above routes.

*Pro-tip: By hiking miles away from any road you are likely to see wildlife. Birds, marmots, deer...maybe even a bear. Please be aware of your surroundings and carry bear-spray.

Favorite Places to Canoe:

String Lake (#1 favorite picnic spot also!) - String Lake is many people's favorite! It sits at the base of the breathtaking Teton mountains and is shallow, so it's less cold than the others. On a nice day you may even see people swimming! 

Palisades Reservoir - Like with the Grays River Road hike, the Palisades Reservoir, is south of Jackson as well on the edge of Alpine, Wyoming. It is a beautiful, large body of water that is open to motorboats as well.

Favorite Fishing Holes:

Palisades Reservoir - The Bagley's love to canoe the Palisades Reservoir. Lucky for angler's, it's a great place to fish from a boat AND from the shore--no boat needed! The much sought after cutthroat trout is even stocked. Another favorite that can be caught are brown trouts.

Snake River - The Snake River runs through all of Jackson Hole providing seemingly countless spots for a fly-fisher's dream. You can begin all the way up by Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park where the Jackson Lake Dam flows. It meanders tens of miles south with Teton views that feel so close that you could almost touch the mountains.

bike ridesFavorite Bike Trails:

The community pathways - You can hop on a bike at the Flat Creek Inn and ride south along the Elk Refuge to the town of Jackson. From there you can continue south or head West over to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Or go north and reach another one of their favorite spots to ride - Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole has over 68 miles of safe pathways to enjoy.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort - More for you thrillseekers, you can ride a chairlift up the famous ski mountain to then ride your bike down!

To learn more about the Bagleys's favorites, including their favorite holiday recipes, read 'Flat Creek Family Favorites' hosted by Flat Creek Inn.