Jill King, Editor of The Scout Guide, Opens Up About Her Singing Career, Jackson Springs, And The Moment The Annual Volume Comes Together

Like many who call Jackson home, King’s story starts with a big dream, a small plan, and a spontaneous move out West. And, like many Jacksonites, it takes an unexpected shape that perhaps even she didn’t see coming. But it’s written with love and passion, making it, like her luxury print product: The Scout Guide, undeniably beautiful.

“I came out West to be a singer” was the surprising start to this unique and talented woman’s interview with us. She went on to explain her connection to Jackson through an aunt who was running The Wort Hotel at the time and offered her a chance to sing at their now world-famous bar. “I left New York City running, and came as quick as I could,” King emphasizes. That was 30 years ago where she and her husband would raise their children both in Texas and Jackson Hole.  When they moved back here full time 8 years ago, she decided to start a side hussel – decorating people’s homes for the holidays. 

What is your role at The Jacksin Hole Scout Guide, and how did that relationship start?

“I own a styling business, Styling the New West, and had advertised in the Scout Guide 3 years ago and saw what it could do for fledgling businesses. It tripled my holiday design business, and I was in love ever since. I’ve owned The Scout Guide for over a year.”

What is your favorite part about your job?

“I love supporting businesses and helping them grow. We do comprehensive marketing for small businesses that is luxury print, social media, networking events, and collaborative meetings and events.”

What is the most rewarding part of publishing The Jackson Hole Scout Guide?

“Seeing the annual volume come together. I wear a lot of hats such as Editor, Photoshoot coordinator and Stylist, Social Media Manager, and Event Coordinator, but seeing and curating the look for the final volume in your hand is VERY exciting.”

King’s brightly-colored annual volume decorates businesses’ (and The Chamber’s!) entryways, sitting proudly on high tops at local events and coffee tables of property rentals, and surprises guests in local gift and wedding bags. Laying fingers on its velvety cover and thumbing through its perfectly-styled photos stimulates a stirring of creativity and evokes calm, quiet inspiration in the reader. It’s almost as though King’s creation, and all that went into it, seeps off the page and into your body. While this is a feat for even the most talented and experienced publisher, her accomplishments and encouragement don’t stop there.

With it being the 100th year of suffrage, do you have any advice for women in the community trying to make it in Jackson?

“Back in the day, our cowgirl group, The CowPatsy’s, was asked to sing for the Clinton’s when they visited Jackson Hole, when First Lady Hillary Clinton was asked to  speak on the 75th anniversary of the suffrage in WY. It was an honor to be included as an all women band and I’ve always thought that was a special trait of our state where women were deemed equal partners in the state of affairs. My personal advice is to get involved in our community and support other women, not to be someone who lands here and takes and doesn’t give.”

Do you have any tips for cultivating a healthy work/life balance?

“Get a dog! They will help you enjoy the outdoors and beg you to get outside.”

What is one of your favorite ways to spend a day off during Spring in Jackson?

“We own a ranch over near Muddy Gap, and it greens up sooner over there – so we love to spend our spring days where it’s a bit warmer. I love running and getting my bike dusted off for summer.”

Favorite part about Jackson?

“I I love living somewhere that is a small town with a sophisticated population who love the outdoors, the arts and welcomes and encourages entrepreneurship.”

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