If you don’t know Orion Companies’ Chief Operating Officer Todd Hanna you should.

Todd is a passionate, innovative, organizational leader with extensive experience creating, leading, and improving organizations in the for-profit and non-profit environments, as well as a former Marine Corps Officer, having served two combat tours in Iraq.  Todd is also an avid outdoor adventurer, which is one of the primary reasons that he and his family to move to Jackson. The Hanna family moved to Jackson in 2014 and has been contributing to much of what makes Jackson Hole so special since then. They pursue professional and volunteer efforts to serve others.

Todd serves on the Board of Directors of the Art Association of Jackson Hole, as well as the Jackson Hole Community School. Before he joined Orion Companies Todd formed Belay On Advisors, an organizational consulting firm that assisted many well-known for-profit and not-for-profit organizations like the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, Grand Teton Lodge Company, Friends of Pathways, Vertical Harvest, and the National Park Service to name a few.

It became clear why Todd joined the Orion team when he shared its mission:

  1. Provide the highest quality products and services;

  2. Be committed to the success of each employee and each company; and

  3. Contribute to the fabric of our community.

These three pillars describe Todd to a T.

Orion Companies owns an array of local construction related businesses that comprise three independent core divisions: real estate development, general contracting, and subcontracting (the division that Todd is responsible for leading)If you don’t know these subcontracting companies, then like we recommend regarding Todd…you should. They are: Blacktail Drywall, Crosscut Trails, Delcon, JB Appliance, JB Plumbing, Lawngevity, New West Building Company, Patagonia Painting, and South Park Metalworks.

Orion Companies Blacktail Drywall, Crosscut Trails, Delcon, JB Appliance, JB Plumbing, Lawngevity, New West Building Company, Patagonia Painting, and South Park Metalworks Jackson Hole Wyoming WY

Though the above companies are owned by Orion – which itself is 100% locally owned - they each are led and operate independently and simply share back office and non-core services With Orion handling the crucial administrative work, the managers and employees of  each company can focus on what they do best; provide the highest quality products and services to customers.

Some of Orion Companies’ subconctractor companies have been operating in Jackson Hole for nearly 50 years, and have deep roots in the community.  Others are emerging businesses, having operated for just a few years. In total they employ approximately nearly 100 locals who are as diverse as the array of technical skills they offer.

“The Orion team proudly reflects the diversity of our community. We have first generation United States Citizens We have people whose families have been in Jackson for generations.We have former Division 1 athletes. We have people who are the first of their family to graduate college. We have women who are proudly making their way in traditionally male driven industries. And, we have everything in between. The people of Orion, and their combined passion for what they do and where they live, is what attracted me to this position. Speaking of passion for this place, we even have an employee who so desperately wanted to call Jackson home, he walked here from Idaho Falls in the winter,” Todd shared.

What?! You read that right. He was driving from California to move to Jackson and his car broke down in Idaho Falls. That was on November 3rd about 15 years ago.

In the coming months and years we are going to become more familiar with Orion Companies because, through its real estate development division, they are one of the new owners of The Virginian Lodge. 

Jackson Hole Wyoming WY The Virginian Lodge and Saloon Cowboys Bar

One of Todd’s colleagues said to the Jackson Hole News and Guide in a statement that he and his partners “are excited and honored by the opportunity to renovate and refresh the iconic Virginian Lodge while respecting the heritage of the property and the Napierskie family’s legacy.” Continuing the legacy of the Virginian absolutely fulfills part of Orion’s mission to “contribute to the fabric of this community.”

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