Going Cashless?

Would it work for you, your staff, and your customers? 

If yes to one or all of these, then these are the things we recommend you consider.

Do you have a merchant processing provider?

If yes, they will have a solution so we recommend you call them and ask the following:

  • Do they charge processing fees when one of your customers swipes a debit card (vs a CC), and if they have any ways to avoid those fees?
  • What the differences might be in having your customers use debit cards versus credit cards, and how that would impact their merchant processing fees?
  • Do they have any options to be able to have their customers go to a touchless processing system where they don’t have to have a PIN entered or get a signature?

If you don’t get the answers you are looking for we recommend you reach out to the following competitors as some are offering to waive transaction fees during a designated COVID reintroduction to business period and some will update technology to support you and your changing needs.

For Example, this is what we have found from one company First Data in response to their clients’ needs:

  • First Data is offering lease deferrals for businesses not able to operate at this time. JH Businesses have been able to take advantage of this option.
  • They are offering the Clover Flex as a rental for $9.99. It’s a handheld unit 4.5” x 6” and features Swipe and pay by phone options and can print text or email a receipt for a “no-touch” option.
  • All clover POS units are receiving software updates to allow online ordering.

In particular, the Clover Flex is a great option to be able to get to a no-contact system for businesses and their clients but doesn’t address the problem of what fees those businesses will be absorbing to move from cash to debit cards with their customers.