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Have a piece of the Tetons with you at all times!

Jackson Hole's talented artists capture the magic of the Teton Mountain range in fine jewelry. Whether you prefer necklaces or bracelets, pendants or earrings you'll find the perfect piece that features the silhouette of the Tetons.

A classic look for Jackson locals is the combination of leather, silver, and pearls. Looking for more of an "old west" piece? We have tons of silver and turquoise Native American treasures. Jewelry is only part of the shopping experience, explore other must-see spots! 

Hidden Jems of Jackson

Jewlery can be found all around Jackson Hole. Many stores carry different and unique jewlery, even where you least expect it. Beyond the many amazing jewlery stores home to Jackson, art galleries, clothing stores, and souvenir shops commonly carry jewlery in a range of styles.