We’re here to make parking during your visit to Jackson Hole as worry-free as possible. We find it’s best to plan how you’d prefer to get to Town whether it’s by personal vehicle, public transport or bike.

Jackson Hole’s Town square is a bustling area with all the restaurants, retail, entertainment you could need within walking distance, so once you get to Town, there’s little need to drive further.

Alternative to driving, Jackson has excellent public transportation resources. START bus provides an extensive public transportation network with regular rides in and around Town via the Town Shuttle and rides to and from Teton Village every hour. New in 2022 is START On Demand, which is like UBER, but free!

Riding bikes is also a great option considering Jackson's extensive network of bike pathways that allow you to get anywhere you need to go in Town, quickly, via beautiful pathways that weave through quaint neighborhoods and parks. If you don’t own a bike, START Bike stations are located around town that are easy to rent right on your phone.

Give these a try!

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If you prefer to drive yourself, we find it’s easiest to park once, near your ideal location, and walk from there. There are plenty of places to park in and around Town Square that accommodate those looking for free parking, a quick three-hour max trip around Town, and or large vehicle parking and routes. 

The Town of Jackson has created this easy-to-use map that illustrates different parking types in Town, including easy-to-access restrooms, START Bikes, shuttles, and more.

2022 visitors parking map 

The town of Jackson has also created this helpful parking map for locals and another for Town Square employees. Share this with your staff and coworkers to minimize parking issues for your employees. 

Thank you for choosing responsible ways to travel throughout Jackson Hole.